Ripple signs a deal with RIA

Ripple is making partnership contact with many of the companies to expand their business. It is one of the best cryptocurrencies and experts suggests that the rates will increase even more in the upcoming years. In fact, it is one of the most recommend cryptocurrency for investment.

Looks like Ripple is not going to stop anytime soon. Recently, they had a partnership with one of the financial service. Ripple has just done a partnership with RIA which provides financial services. In recent times, this is the second partnership done by Ripple. They are also partner with Saudi British Bank along with the RIA.

About the partnership

The main aim of the RIA and Ripple partnership is to increase the footprint both in a physical and digital way. This RIA’s global footprint will be available to Ripple. In other words, Ripple will have access to it.

Whereas on the other hand, for all the RIA’s customers, you can easily connect with Ripple’s network to perform all the transactions such as sending and receiving.

In this way, both of the companies have benefited from the partnership and all the customers and the users of both the companies also now have access to more features. The partnership will not only make Ripple more popular among the users but it will also be more secure as they have access to the footprint. The transaction will be faster.

The announcement about the partnership of Ripple and RIA was the first announced on Twitter. Where they shared that Ripple will have access to the footprint and on the other hand RIA’s customers will be able to use the Ripple’s transactions. There were no negative feedbacks and all the users were excited about the tie-up of these two huge companies.

As there are more and more partnerships being done, the entire blockchain network is becoming more powerful. People are building more apps in blockchain and companies such as Vamos are adapting the blockchain technology. Also, the online and offline merchants who are accepting cryptocurrencies are increasing day by day which increases the usage of cryptocurrency.


E-trade close to launching crypto trading 

It is now pretty clear by the situation going on in the market that the price of the cryptocurrencies is going to increase. By this, people have not started investing and trading the cryptocurrency.

In the view of which, one of the biggest financial company E*trade is about the launch of their own cryptocurrency trading platform. The users will be able to trade the cryptocurrencies directly from their platform. First of all, there are only two of the currencies added in the trading list which are Bitcoin and Ethereum.

More about the partnership

A spokesman said, they are currently only adding only two of the cryptocurrencies and will add some of the other in near future. The matter is still private and therefore the name is not yet revealed.

E*Trade is one of the most popular firms of security brokerage. It is now allowing crypto trading. There are already some of the huge competitors in the market such as Coinbase who are allowing all the transactions.  They have one of the greatest competitors who is loved by many people. The platform must have some of the unique features that are not available in Coinbase or any other trading platform in order to be the best. Also, they don’t have many currencies at the initial stage.

In this way, the customers of E*Trade will be allowed to trade cryptocurrency very soon. There is no official news on when the platform is going to launch or when it will be available to all the users.

Final outcome

By this new launch, there are more platforms where you can trade the cryptocurrencies. All of the trading platforms have their limitations, the E*Trade platform is not yet launched, so you can’t tell much about it.

In other words, people will get choice in choosing the trading platform in cryptocurrency just like they get in ordering Spanish Tapas. Also, by the launch of this new platform, it could help in legitimizing the entire trading of cryptocurrency. Let’s see how good is the new trading platform once it is launched.


Bitcoins: Bullish or not?

Cryptocurrency has taken over the world with its amazing features. You can get huge advantage while using cryptocurrency like Bitcoins, as it contains a decentralized transaction. However, investors have found that the crypto field is not advantageous as it was before. This is because there has been no remarkable increase in the exchange rates of the crypto coins. There is also a danger of the large fluctuation in the exchange rates. As a result, this field has been facing some issues.

Still, there has been an enormous increase in the number of start-ups which that are linked to the crypto-field. This results in an increase in the understanding of this field among commoners. These start-ups have provided many important features like a crypto-wallet. You can carry your crypto tokens in these wallets without any trouble. There are also many security factors which are included in the wallet.

The amount of investment, however, has experienced decrement due to the above issues. Also, the decrement is because of the reason that the investors are supporting the organizations that are beneficial to the crypto field in the long run. This is one of the major advantages that the crypto field has received in the last couple of years.

There has been an increase in the number of crypto users. The most increase has been reported from the Bitcoins users. Thus, more and more companies are stretching towards cryptocurrency and becoming used to in this field. Vamos is one such company. To visit their site click here. They are taking a better and safer step towards making the cryptocurrency as useful as the physical currency. There have been reports of an increase in the number of transactions from the crypto wallet. However, cryptocurrency is still a new field to many of the users. These users are majorly from the countries that are not allowed from using the cryptocurrency. Some of the countries have no such restrictions but still, the physical currency is the major currency as it is centralized.

Cryptocurrency- A Ripple Effect

Cryptocurrencies have actively made headlines in recent times due to rise in its popularity. A lot of new changes were made in the financial system across the world to adopt the new way of transactions. But it’s not just the system that is being affected by cryptocurrencies. They have a direct and indirect impact on almost every company, state, and country across the world.

Media coverage is the main reason for the popularity of bitcoin. Back in 2009 only a few people close to the project were familiar with the concept of cryptocurrency. Most people didn’t know about this until it reached media attention and information about disruptive technology emerged.

The reason for which it didn’t reach many people soon after its inventions, is its complexity. But in course of time, all the complexities in it were sabotaged and people got familiar with it and started to invest in it. The substantial returns is another reason for the rise of its popularity.

Breaching the gap and helping people to join in this phenomenon is just a start. If they are to stay, more people should be made familiar with its uses and they should be joining this. Once everyone sees the advantages and opportunities in this we can see a whole new era of the financial system, which is already being observed.

The effect of cryptocurrency is more in developing countries. In Zimbabwe, the value of bitcoin is above average and its graph is an upside. The main reason for this huge uprising of cryptocurrency is its decentralized system.

Cryptocurrencies are not only changing the way we transact but also they are changing the way we store for long-term investments. This may influence people to digitize all their assets. Already a lot of governments are exploring ways to digitize their national wealth. It does not far fetch that we can see companies in our daily life that will adapt to decentralized currency. You may have heard about crypto trading. This shows that this field has lots of opportunities in future.

Disruptive technologies like bitcoin can change the course of our day to day life. The ripple effect of cryptocurrency is so strong that in a very short span of time its effect will be on the personal, organizational and geographical level. Its effect will be on anyone and will reach every corner of the world.


Today investing in cryptocurrencies is the best option to get good returns. But to a lot of people, it is a common conundrum to find where to buy cryptocurrencies. Even if they do find one, most of those platforms do not allow users to buy cryptos with fiat cash or credit cards. To resolve this problem Coinmama is the best solution.

What is Coinmama?

Coinmama is a cryptocurrency exchange platform which enables its users to buy bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies very easily by using their credit cards.

The main focus of Coinmama is user experience and to allow users to make transactions real quick.

For beginners, Coinmama is the best cryptocurrency exchange platform for buying bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies.

Supporting cryptocurrencies:

Coinmana supports the following cryptocurrencies





Bitcoin Cash



Ethereum Classic

Coinmana is one of the few exchanges which will allow you to buy Ripple using your credit or debit card.


Coinmama has a high transaction fee when compared to other exchanges. The price is almost 10.9% above the market price. In addition, it charges an extra 5% on each credit card transaction.

Buying limits:

Coinmama has some strict buying limits. The minimum amount you have to buy is $60 and the daily limit is $5000. The monthly limit is set to $20,000.

Customer support and service:

Coinmama offers the best customer service. If you have any query, you will get an answer within 24 hours.


Coinmama is a relatively small crypto exchange and still has a long way to go. Yet it offers some really good security features to its users. It was never hacked before and according to the developers, it is hack-proof. These security measures are a must because the users’ credit cards information will be stored in its ecosystem.

In the end, Coinmama is a worthy crypto exchange. There is no denying that the charges are a little higher than the other cryptocurrency exchanges but it is worth the money. There are very few brokerages that allow you to buy such a wide range of cryptocurrencies by using your credit cards and Coinmama is one of them.

Blockchain in education

We live in the age of technology. There is a new invention every day trying to make lives better for us. We too should keep up with the changing times and modern day technology for a better life. There hasn’t been a single field that hasn’t been revived by the growing technology. Education is one such field that has changed its course with the changing technology.

The blockchain isn’t a new technology to the world and neither are its advantages. Blockchain has had its influence on many fields and education isn’t an exception to that. To be more realistic it is the best possible thing that has happened to today’s education system.

With the increasing population and the demand for quality education, the conventional education system started to fail many levels. The blockchain is the best answer so far to troubleshoot those problems.

There are many ways blockchain technology can be used in education.

  1. Records:

Maintaining records is a very critical thing in any educational institute. Even with the computerization of files and records, there are many incidents of missing records. Using blockchain technology there can be a permanent record of every student’s data. As blockchain is a decentralized technology there is no risk of hacking.

  1. Infrastructure security:

Today every educational institute is very concerned about the security of their students. Security cameras are no new thing at educational institutes. So with adopting blockchain technology all the secured and confidential data will be hack proof.

  1. Public assistance:

Blockchain can assist people by providing a platform for interaction and information regarding various educational institutions. This is the reason why cryptocurrency is a huge success as a user-friendly ecosystem.

  1. Corporate learning:

Teaching and learning have come way too far from the conventional method. Today, technology and the internet are ruling the educational sector. Perhaps education has turned into a very good business opportunity and blockchain can definitely make it better.

  1. Public Assistance:

Education is a basic need for everyone today but there is still a lot of gap between the providers and students. A lot of governments already started employing blockchain technology in their countries educational system. The UK has been working on it since 2016

Crypto Consortium


When two or more organizations come together in order to achieve a common goal, they form a consortium. They combine their resources to perform common activities and to achieve their goals through mutual association. Cryptocurrency has found many applications in one’s day-to-day life. It can be used in many fields and thus, it has gained too much popularity in recent times. People are starting businesses related to these currencies.

Problems without consortium

Organizations combine together to provide a faster and a more secure payment to their customers. This is because many customers evaluate cryptocurrency before investing in it due to its fluctuating rates. There are many concerns related to the transparency in cryptocurrency. Investors are facing many problems related to exchanges across the borders. Thus, a consortium can definitely minimize problems and risks in this field.

Need of Consortium

Every investor wants to be rich and takes every step carefully while investing. To attract more and more investors towards a particular direction, one should show the security and pace in one’s product. Forming a consortium is an easy step. Consortium has taken a step towards the liquidity in the network. It provides investors with speed in their investments for better results. The consortium provides all the details, related to payments, to a crypto user. Often, we have seen that Individual companies have amazing goals but do not have enough resources. This is because people avoid investing in new type of currencies. However, when companies with similar goals are joined together, they can achieve it by utilizing better amount of resources available.

Consortium helps in regulation of cryptocurrency

Consortium helps in regulating the cryptocurrency of customers. Several measures have been taken for regulating the cryptocurrency. At present, global crypto market face many challenges. These challenges can be resolved through the help of consortium. Many platforms have been introduced for the evolution of crypto markets. They can fill the loopholes in the infrastructure of the crypto market and its regulation can help the cryptocurrency to operate at its full potential. Thus, Consortium in crypto has a significant place.

Cryptocurrency In Business


The field of business is all about making your money work hard for you. Cryptocurrency has been a major aspect in business where investors gain a lot of profit by investing in it. This has lead to a rise in the number of cryptocurrencies in this field and these digital currencies are becoming popular in the business world. The rise in the values of cryptocurrency has attracted many investors toward it. Many business companies are planning to add the application of these cryptocurrencies. This will not only differentiate them from others but also will increase the awareness of this type of currencies among their consumers.

Cryptocurrency’s advantage in business

All the investors and businesses are looking forward to participate in the exchange of these currencies because using this type of currency will provide them with greater profit as well as no involvement of the centralized department. That is, there will be no participation of the government in the exchange of these digital currencies. Companies can provide goods to their customers by accepting payments through cryptocurrencies. The exchange of the products with cryptocurrency will not include any tax. Thus, customers will be attracted towards the company due to the lower prices offered by them.

The values of cryptocurrency are quite unstable. Hence, no customer want to stay invested in it for a long time and tries to get rid of it to prevent any loss in the coming days. This could be done by exchanging them with the products that a company is offering. However, smart customers try to save these and wait for the time when the value of cryptocurrency rises. This provides them with products at cheaper rates.

Cryptocurrency for businesses at the global level

Cryptocurrency is best for those businesses which want to increase their audiences on a global level because exchanges can be done across the borders without any exchange charges. And thus, cryptocurrency is the best way to operate business globally without worrying about exchange fees across the borders

How to Use Your Money to Make More Money

It is an old tradition that saving is the best way to keep money safe and secure. But, for the growth of your money, it is important to invest it wisely and get assured results. A successful investment gives more than what is invested and increases your bank balance. There are many ways to make more money but for this, a right method and a right strategy is highly required. Some of these methods include

  • Saving account in a Bank– bank saving account is one of the most reliable and secure means of saving which gives a certain amount of interest on money deposited. The only drawback of this method is low interest rates. The growth of the money is not quick, it is slow and steady.
  • Certificates of deposit (CD) – certificates of deposit or money market accounts provides better interest rates. It can increase money faster than the savings account.
  • Bond- long term government bonds often offers higher interest rates but they are not insured. These provides lower rates than bank accounts and are assisted by the government.
  • Stock market– stock market gives better results but need continuous following and good knowledge of stock buying.
  • Real estate– real estate is also a fine way to make more money. Buy any home, shop or complex and rent it out for making money.
  • Cryptocurrency– the future of whole world is cryptocurrency. It is the product of digital currency revolution. Making money online while sitting at home can give freedom to live without restrictions. It is a faster and highly secure method to earn money. Buying cryptocurrency such as bitcoins take a large amount of money and its value is increasing every day. The easy method to earn bitcoin and increase your earnings is through mining or by investing on a regular basis in bitcoin and other cryptos. Ripple partnerships have become especially prevalent in the recent year with many financial institutions linking up with the crypto.

It is good to set up accounts and stop keeping all the money in the savings account. Use all the possible means to make more money by using existing money to get valuable returns. Many people have already invested in digital currency as it is the future. Investing in cryptocurrency can secure the future of upcoming generations.

Plan your wedding with crypto

The future is all about cryptocurrency. There are many ways to earn it and many more ways to spend it or here let’s just say, to gift it. A current trend among the millennial’s is including cryptocurrency in weddings. This recent trend is catching upon in USA and UK and even at the Royal wedding that took place recently. I’ll elaborate it further.




Primarily, the inclusion of cryptocurrency is being done in form of gifting the newlywed couples.

Gifting cash during weddings isn’t something new to this world but gifting in the form of cryptocurrency has been making headlines lately. One of the earliest headlines occurred back in 2015 when an individual named Ben Eisen, received an unorthodox gift for his wedding, a bitcoin. Later when the bitcoin boom started raising he sold it in profits but he later realized he sold it too soon as it reached $15000 USD at one point.

Forget America, recently an Indian entrepreneurial couple requested their guests to gift them in bitcoins rather handing worthless bouquets and chinaware. 75% of their friends invested in bitcoins and gifted them. But the couple decided to fund the amount to charity.

Apparently, it’s a new standard in gifting. By introducing new people to cryptocurrency, it might help in broadening the crypto world.




As everyone would have wanted to be a part of the Royal Wedding, they invented a new chain of cryptocurrency called Royal coin (ROYL) so that people who wanted to gift the royal couple could do it via ROYL. All the amount was to be divided among the 3 charities. They also said they’d continue ROYL in future royal events.




There are instances where bitcoins investment helped couples get their dream destination weddings to come true. Also, there was a bitcoin wedding ring which was in the form of a wearable QR code and another instance where a couple decided to use the bitcoin blockchain to register their marriage.




It’s high time we acknowledge the future is here and start indulging the cryptocurrency in weddings before it’s outdated already.