Blockchain in education

We live in the age of technology. There is a new invention every day trying to make lives better for us. We too should keep up with the changing times and modern day technology for a better life. There hasn’t been a single field that hasn’t been revived by the growing technology. Education is one such field that has changed its course with the changing technology.

The blockchain isn’t a new technology to the world and neither are its advantages. Blockchain has had its influence on many fields and education isn’t an exception to that. To be more realistic it is the best possible thing that has happened to today’s education system.

With the increasing population and the demand for quality education, the conventional education system started to fail many levels. The blockchain is the best answer so far to troubleshoot those problems.

There are many ways blockchain technology can be used in education.

  1. Records:

Maintaining records is a very critical thing in any educational institute. Even with the computerization of files and records, there are many incidents of missing records. Using blockchain technology there can be a permanent record of every student’s data. As blockchain is a decentralized technology there is no risk of hacking.

  1. Infrastructure security:

Today every educational institute is very concerned about the security of their students. Security cameras are no new thing at educational institutes. So with adopting blockchain technology all the secured and confidential data will be hack proof.

  1. Public assistance:

Blockchain can assist people by providing a platform for interaction and information regarding various educational institutions. This is the reason why cryptocurrency is a huge success as a user-friendly ecosystem.

  1. Corporate learning:

Teaching and learning have come way too far from the conventional method. Today, technology and the internet are ruling the educational sector. Perhaps education has turned into a very good business opportunity and blockchain can definitely make it better.

  1. Public Assistance:

Education is a basic need for everyone today but there is still a lot of gap between the providers and students. A lot of governments already started employing blockchain technology in their countries educational system. The UK has been working on it since 2016

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