Today investing in cryptocurrencies is the best option to get good returns. But to a lot of people, it is a common conundrum to find where to buy cryptocurrencies. Even if they do find one, most of those platforms do not allow users to buy cryptos with fiat cash or credit cards. To resolve this problem Coinmama is the best solution.

What is Coinmama?

Coinmama is a cryptocurrency exchange platform which enables its users to buy bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies very easily by using their credit cards.

The main focus of Coinmama is user experience and to allow users to make transactions real quick.

For beginners, Coinmama is the best cryptocurrency exchange platform for buying bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies.

Supporting cryptocurrencies:

Coinmana supports the following cryptocurrencies





Bitcoin Cash



Ethereum Classic

Coinmana is one of the few exchanges which will allow you to buy Ripple using your credit or debit card.


Coinmama has a high transaction fee when compared to other exchanges. The price is almost 10.9% above the market price. In addition, it charges an extra 5% on each credit card transaction.

Buying limits:

Coinmama has some strict buying limits. The minimum amount you have to buy is $60 and the daily limit is $5000. The monthly limit is set to $20,000.

Customer support and service:

Coinmama offers the best customer service. If you have any query, you will get an answer within 24 hours.


Coinmama is a relatively small crypto exchange and still has a long way to go. Yet it offers some really good security features to its users. It was never hacked before and according to the developers, it is hack-proof. These security measures are a must because the users’ credit cards information will be stored in its ecosystem.

In the end, Coinmama is a worthy crypto exchange. There is no denying that the charges are a little higher than the other cryptocurrency exchanges but it is worth the money. There are very few brokerages that allow you to buy such a wide range of cryptocurrencies by using your credit cards and Coinmama is one of them.

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