Cryptocurrency- A Ripple Effect

Cryptocurrencies have actively made headlines in recent times due to rise in its popularity. A lot of new changes were made in the financial system across the world to adopt the new way of transactions. But it’s not just the system that is being affected by cryptocurrencies. They have a direct and indirect impact on almost every company, state, and country across the world.

Media coverage is the main reason for the popularity of bitcoin. Back in 2009 only a few people close to the project were familiar with the concept of cryptocurrency. Most people didn’t know about this until it reached media attention and information about disruptive technology emerged.

The reason for which it didn’t reach many people soon after its inventions, is its complexity. But in course of time, all the complexities in it were sabotaged and people got familiar with it and started to invest in it. The substantial returns is another reason for the rise of its popularity.

Breaching the gap and helping people to join in this phenomenon is just a start. If they are to stay, more people should be made familiar with its uses and they should be joining this. Once everyone sees the advantages and opportunities in this we can see a whole new era of the financial system, which is already being observed.

The effect of cryptocurrency is more in developing countries. In Zimbabwe, the value of bitcoin is above average and its graph is an upside. The main reason for this huge uprising of cryptocurrency is its decentralized system.

Cryptocurrencies are not only changing the way we transact but also they are changing the way we store for long-term investments. This may influence people to digitize all their assets. Already a lot of governments are exploring ways to digitize their national wealth. It does not far fetch that we can see companies in our daily life that will adapt to decentralized currency. You may have heard about crypto trading. This shows that this field has lots of opportunities in future.

Disruptive technologies like bitcoin can change the course of our day to day life. The ripple effect of cryptocurrency is so strong that in a very short span of time its effect will be on the personal, organizational and geographical level. Its effect will be on anyone and will reach every corner of the world.

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