E-trade close to launching crypto trading 

It is now pretty clear by the situation going on in the market that the price of the cryptocurrencies is going to increase. By this, people have not started investing and trading the cryptocurrency.

In the view of which, one of the biggest financial company E*trade is about the launch of their own cryptocurrency trading platform. The users will be able to trade the cryptocurrencies directly from their platform. First of all, there are only two of the currencies added in the trading list which are Bitcoin and Ethereum.

More about the partnership

A spokesman said, they are currently only adding only two of the cryptocurrencies and will add some of the other in near future. The matter is still private and therefore the name is not yet revealed.

E*Trade is one of the most popular firms of security brokerage. It is now allowing crypto trading. There are already some of the huge competitors in the market such as Coinbase who are allowing all the transactions.  They have one of the greatest competitors who is loved by many people. The platform must have some of the unique features that are not available in Coinbase or any other trading platform in order to be the best. Also, they don’t have many currencies at the initial stage.

In this way, the customers of E*Trade will be allowed to trade cryptocurrency very soon. There is no official news on when the platform is going to launch or when it will be available to all the users.

Final outcome

By this new launch, there are more platforms where you can trade the cryptocurrencies. All of the trading platforms have their limitations, the E*Trade platform is not yet launched, so you can’t tell much about it.

In other words, people will get choice in choosing the trading platform in cryptocurrency just like they get in ordering Spanish Tapas. Also, by the launch of this new platform, it could help in legitimizing the entire trading of cryptocurrency. Let’s see how good is the new trading platform once it is launched.


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