Plan your wedding with crypto

The future is all about cryptocurrency. There are many ways to earn it and many more ways to spend it or here let’s just say, to gift it. A current trend among the millennial’s is including cryptocurrency in weddings. This recent trend is catching upon in USA and UK and even at the Royal wedding that took place recently. I’ll elaborate it further.




Primarily, the inclusion of cryptocurrency is being done in form of gifting the newlywed couples.

Gifting cash during weddings isn’t something new to this world but gifting in the form of cryptocurrency has been making headlines lately. One of the earliest headlines occurred back in 2015 when an individual named Ben Eisen, received an unorthodox gift for his wedding, a bitcoin. Later when the bitcoin boom started raising he sold it in profits but he later realized he sold it too soon as it reached $15000 USD at one point.

Forget America, recently an Indian entrepreneurial couple requested their guests to gift them in bitcoins rather handing worthless bouquets and chinaware. 75% of their friends invested in bitcoins and gifted them. But the couple decided to fund the amount to charity.

Apparently, it’s a new standard in gifting. By introducing new people to cryptocurrency, it might help in broadening the crypto world.




As everyone would have wanted to be a part of the Royal Wedding, they invented a new chain of cryptocurrency called Royal coin (ROYL) so that people who wanted to gift the royal couple could do it via ROYL. All the amount was to be divided among the 3 charities. They also said they’d continue ROYL in future royal events.




There are instances where bitcoins investment helped couples get their dream destination weddings to come true. Also, there was a bitcoin wedding ring which was in the form of a wearable QR code and another instance where a couple decided to use the bitcoin blockchain to register their marriage.




It’s high time we acknowledge the future is here and start indulging the cryptocurrency in weddings before it’s outdated already.

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