Ripple signs a deal with RIA

Ripple is making partnership contact with many of the companies to expand their business. It is one of the best cryptocurrencies and experts suggests that the rates will increase even more in the upcoming years. In fact, it is one of the most recommend cryptocurrency for investment.

Looks like Ripple is not going to stop anytime soon. Recently, they had a partnership with one of the financial service. Ripple has just done a partnership with RIA which provides financial services. In recent times, this is the second partnership done by Ripple. They are also partner with Saudi British Bank along with the RIA.

About the partnership

The main aim of the RIA and Ripple partnership is to increase the footprint both in a physical and digital way. This RIA’s global footprint will be available to Ripple. In other words, Ripple will have access to it.

Whereas on the other hand, for all the RIA’s customers, you can easily connect with Ripple’s network to perform all the transactions such as sending and receiving.

In this way, both of the companies have benefited from the partnership and all the customers and the users of both the companies also now have access to more features. The partnership will not only make Ripple more popular among the users but it will also be more secure as they have access to the footprint. The transaction will be faster.

The announcement about the partnership of Ripple and RIA was the first announced on Twitter. Where they shared that Ripple will have access to the footprint and on the other hand RIA’s customers will be able to use the Ripple’s transactions. There were no negative feedbacks and all the users were excited about the tie-up of these two huge companies.

As there are more and more partnerships being done, the entire blockchain network is becoming more powerful. People are building more apps in blockchain and companies such as Vamos are adapting the blockchain technology. Also, the online and offline merchants who are accepting cryptocurrencies are increasing day by day which increases the usage of cryptocurrency.


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